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from David P. Crews

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A Circle in the Desert


David P. Crews writes:

“Vision quests, in general North American tribal traditions, often involve a young man, just coming of age, going into the wilderness entirely by himself and staying for some days seeking a vision from the spirits of the land. The results of this experience are a maturing of skills and a quelling of fears as he takes on a more adult role. Visions are not guaranteed, but those he may receive may follow him throughout life and influence how he functions with and is perceived by his people.

“In pursuing my own quest, I did not intend to follow a specific indigenous style, but rather to use my own knowledge of meditation techniques and my deep interest in worldwide shamanic practices to guide me in my own magical process.

“I chose to conduct this experiment in a relatively remote spot where I would not be disturbed, nor disturb others. I drew a protective Circle in the Desert – a simple line in the sand that is anchored by rocks and the cardinal points. Here, I would sit for a day or two and simply see and listen to the land and to my own mind. This seemingly simplistic process is actually very profound and powerful and is not easy to maintain.

“I wondered if I would receive anything like a true vision. Something I could put my finger on and touch. Something real. Something with information that I could discern. Would I recognize such a thing if it did come to me? Or, would it arrive in a form that I was not expecting and perhaps be all the more powerful because of that?

“I listened for the Spirits of the canyons to speak my name."

“A Circle in the Desert is a joyful, inspiring, and introspective visual, musical,
and spiritually-seeking experience in one of the most amazing places on our planet.” – David Crews

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“The ancient peoples who passed their times in these places believed that the mountains sang songs to them, teaching them the meaning of the land. Maybe it speaks even to someone like me, who returns time and again to open my eyes and ears and just see–just listen.”

- David P. Crews
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