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from David P. Crews

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A Circle in the Desert

Its origins and meaning

David P. Crews writes:

“This film evolved naturally out of my lifetime of frequent travel into the amazing canyons, spires, and stone arches country of southeastern Utah, beginning specifically in 1975, when I and my adventurous sister drove up from my home in Texas, tackled the Grand Canyon hike, then decided to come on up into Utah to see what the then relatively new Canyonlands and Arches National Parks were like.

“When we entered the magical Needles District in Canyonlands I was simply enchanted by it and I’ve returned every two or three years as my work life would allow, exploring into the mysteries of the giant arches, the ancient petroglyphs, and of the stunning natural beauty of the rock formations and the grand and slot canyons. Several times, though, these curious discoveries almost cost me my life. After losing precious canteens to a deep rock crevasse along a 16 mile hike, I came extremely close to heat stroke, hallucinating in the open desert sun. I once got my Jeep stuck in the edges of the remote Maze District of Canyonlands and spent an anxious night perched on the lip of a 900 foot cliff. I spent half a day to hand rebuild the sides of the tiny shelf road with huge rocks so I could very slowly and carefully turn around!

“Nevertheless, I was truly in love with this country and determined to return as often as I could. Now that I’m much older, I find the canyons and arches compelling in different ways. My new film is a Philosophical Documentary. It presents the visual beauty of the grand landscapes, but also tells the story of my Vision Quest in one of the more remote places in these high deserts. Throughout my life, I’ve pursued the history and reality of spirit and religion and I have an abiding interest in the ancient techniques of shamanism within a multi-dimensional worldview. My Circle was an attempt to seek meaning and to reach out in my mind to touch the ineffable or perhaps pass some kind of a spiritual or dimensional threshold in order to receive a true Vision from the desert.

“I selected a special place and drew a protective medicine circle in the desert sands for my meditation. This is an ancient pursuit and I treated it with respect. The nature of the response to this quest is the heart of the story of my film.”

“A Circle in the Desert is a joyful, inspiring, and introspective visual, musical,
and spiritually-seeking experience in one of the most amazing places on our planet.” – David Crews

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“Recalling no longer my outer self,
  I pass through a portal never seen.
  I am, again and for the first time,
  In that Other place,
  Engaging fully in an endless
  Story emerging from
  The founts of Creation.”

- David P. Crews
  A Path of Poems

Winner of 44 national and international Awards, including:
• Best Feature Documentary • Best Cinematography • Best Original Score •
• Best Inspirational Film • Best Nature Film • Best Film Essay •
• Scriptwriting • Best Editing •

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