A Circle in the Desert
A unique new Feature Length Documentary Film from David P. Crews

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A Vision Quest
in the High Deserts
of the
American West

A unique new feature-length film experience from award-winning filmmaker David P. Crews, inspired by fifty years of travel, exploration, photography, and adventures in the incredible canyon lands and massive stone arches of the Colorado Plateau in southeastern Utah.

Deepening his lifelong relationship with this beautiful and mysterious landscape, David undertakes a spirit quest, seeking a Vision from the high desert–a shamanic venture to touch the ineffable and pursue human meaning in the grand sandstone wilderness and vast desert landscapes of the American West. Powerful answers to such a quest can be elusive. When they are bestowed, they often appear in unexpected forms.

Through engaging narrative, photography, poetry, animation, and with a philosophical view of his own place in the cosmos, David explores the many ways the desert affects him as he leads us into magical and sublime sanctuaries within this spectacular place on planet Earth.

This stunning visual journey is enhanced with another “character” in the story: David’s full symphony music score. He has received multiple awards for his past documentary and nature film scores. The 80 minutes of lyrical and emotional music for this film was in composition and recording for eight months and features the BBC Symphony Orchestra Pro from London's Spitfire Audio, Embertone's Joshua Bell Solo Stradivarius Violin, Spitfire’s Eric Whitacre Choir, and Pianoteq's Steinway piano, among other instruments.

Update: "The film is now complete and I'm excited to get it ready for select premiere showings. It's really rewarding to see the final version of almost two years of concentrated effort!
Thanks for your continued interest in my film!

"A Circle in the Desert" is now projected to Premiere very soon in the Summer of 2022.
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- David 



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A Circle in the Desert!

“I intend A Circle in the Desert to be a joyful, inspiring, and introspective visual, musical,
and spiritually-seeking experience in one of the most amazing places on our planet.” – David Crews

COMING SOON! The film is now FINISHED!
The film's premiere is planned for Summer of 2022.

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“The earth is a heavenly body,
  most beautiful of all,
  and all poetry now is archaic
  that fails to match the wonder of this view.”

- Joseph Campbell
  Myths to Live By

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